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Reddi Inc

In order to better serve our clients across India and the US, we have partnered with US based Reddi Incorporated to bring you our best in service. Reddi Incorporated is located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Reddi Inc is a professional engineering services firm that empowers businesses to reach its full potential by utilizing data driven, risk-based methodology to accomplish biggest and most complex tasks.

Reddi Inc has over 12 years of expertise in various domains which includes Construction, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage Facility Renovations, Medical Device Manufacturing and Packaging, Automated Material Handling and Automotive Parts Manufacturing.

Their services include Critical Path Scheduling, Start-Up Management and Strategic Planning.

The strengths that Reddi Inc. brings to the table complement Tectra’s strengths in Software Development, IT Staffing and Digital Marketing.

Tectra looks forward to providing added services to our clients while enhancing our current abilities.

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